That Afternoon Ted Recieived His Artist License, 24x18" 2018
To me a good painter is like a street magician performing card tricks right in front of you. The deck is shuffled and fanned while you stand spellbound waiting for something extraordinary to happen with everyday objects. Even though you’ve seen every gesture the magician makes, you are amazed when your card is presented. The magic isn’t in the turn of the card but that you will stop on the street long enough to trust a stranger to amaze you.
All work presented is in acrylic on canvas.
Floating World, 24x18" 2018
Girls Talk, 14x11" 2018
Blizzard Flowers, 24x18" 2019
Dog and Butterfly: Painting of My Dog Morgan If He Were a Man, 16x12" 2019
Honey Bear, 42x36" 2018
I Am Superman And I Know What's Happening, 36x42" 2017
In Your Eyes I See the Light and the Heat, 24x18" 2019
Magic Man: Painting of My Cat Rocky If He Were a Man, 16x12" 2018
Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul, 14x11" 2019
Shes a Rainbow, 42x36" 2018
Total Control Over You, 24x18" 2018
We Are Stardust We Are Golden, 24x18" 2019
Still Life of the Gods, 36x24" 2018
We Can Be Heroes Just For One Day, 36x24" 2018