Spellbound, 48x36" 2016
Artists who show me how they got to their final compositions, who leave a painterly trail of their process, and who take everyday objects and events as their subject matter and still somehow create something beautiful and intriguing are magical.
Bella, 48x36" 2016
private collection
Really Going Somewhere, 36x36" 2016
private collection
She's On It, She's Over It, She's All About It: Beautiful You, 36x36" 2016
On The Way to Brunch He Glanced Out Her Window, 24x24" 2016
Capital One Corporate collection
Do You Remember the First Time We Met, 36x48" 2016
Her Day, 36x36" 2016
private collection
Holy Confrontation, 40x30" 2016
She Deleted Most of His Voicemails and Bought Herself Winter Roses , 24x24" 2016
Capital One Corporate collection
The Players, 48x36" 2016
Marry Me, 36x36" 2016
Without You I Cannot Live, 48x36" 2017
You Are Here, 24x18"" 2017
private collection